Everybody’s talking about the Oscar nominations. And some people are talking about how Tom Hardy has a nomination and is in two Oscar nominated Best Pictures. OK but Domhnall Gleeson doesn’t have a nomination but he’s in The Revenant, Brooklyn, Star Wars, and Ex Machina, all films that received Oscar nominations today.

He’s also really nice and delightfully funny and super cute and clearly people want to work with him and he should present at the Oscars, I’ve decided. Domhnall is what Jim Sturgess was supposed to be but couldn’t. He was photographed in London today at BBC radio to promote The Revenant but, perhaps, asked about another headline.

Because… of course… he’s Bill Weasley, the oldest child of Arthur and Molly Weasley, brother of Charlie, Percy, George, Fred, Ron, and Ginny. Who all went to Hogwarts and studied Potions under Professor Snape, aka Hans Gruber. The man who could turn the word “Obviously” into a 5 hour play. It was a gift, one of many.