I’m getting there. I DEFINITELY have a Jesse Custer problem. I wasn’t quite sold on Jesse after the Preacher pilot, but episode two hooked me and I’m in 100%. Usually a show comes on strong in the pilot and then kind of backs off, to spend some time table-setting and world-building. Not Preacher. It really threw us into the deep end, doubling down on the violence/gore/supernatural stuff, while also setting up several mysteries for the season. Episode two feels like an acceleration, and I’m already wondering how much more bonkers this show can get. Plus Cassidy and Tulip are just the best.

But Cooper has more than just Preacher going this summer, as he’s also out promoting Warcraft, an adaptation of the online role player game. Reviews have been dismal and it doesn’t look like it will be the movie to finally break the video game curse, though to be fair, it’s doing okay internationally. Cooper won’t have to wear it, though, especially since he has Preacher to fall back on. What he is wearing, however, is the sh*t out of this suit at the Warcraft premiere. And those glasses. And that beard. Basically the whole thing is getting it done. I’m also enjoying his Sassy Posing™ on the red carpet. More dudes should get into Sassy Posing™.