Great timing.

After word broke yesterday that Dominic Cooper was up to no good with that skint.ass.scag Lindsay Lohan on Tuesday night, Us Weekly has confirmed that he and Amanda Seyfried are on a “break”.

It was actually evident much earlier at the Letters to Juliet junket when journalists there were buzzing that Amanda had broken up with him. And I’m told that just before heading to Cannes to promote Tamara Drewe (I really enjoyed this movie) Dominic was spotted in London at Gerry’s in Soho working up a brunette. So whatever happened between him and Lilo, it was probably just a onetime trick. Man’s gotta keep his options open.

I interviewed Dominic Cooper and Luke Evans yesterday morning. It wasn’t a bad way to start the day. Luke is hot. Dominic is very charming. He was flirting with the wranglers, he was making all the girls laugh, he offered me his blanket (it was freezing under the tent) when I walked into the shoot area, and then we joked about his pantlegs – one was rolled up higher than the other. It was a fun conversation, and before I left he made me promise him that I had brought a coat with me. So while he doesn’t quite do it for me, I can see how he might appeal to many others, although at this point, we do have to call him out on his lapse in judgment.

Having Amanda Seyfried on your resumé is certainly worth something. Add Lindsay Lohan to your resumé is a f-cking embarrassment. Because right now, anyone could nail that sh-t.

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