If that name is making you scratch your head, he was a hobbit in Lord of the Rings and was Charlie on Lost. The second one is the important part.

Remember my General List of Celebrity Don’ts? Well Monaghan just ran afoul of #8, “don’t badmouth another celebrity and/or get involved in a fan war”, but he did stick to 8a, “don’t delete your account”. During a Twitter Q&A (and I can’t believe we’re at a place with our celebrities that that’s a thing), a girl asked Dom to “holla” at his Lost co-star Matthew Fox and beg him to get a Twitter (GROSS). Dom’s response?

“He beats women. No thanks.”


(Lainey: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, I know Dom Monaghan isn’t the most famous dude on the planet. He’s a That Guy at best. So it’s not like he has a ton to lose here. It’s not like Leonardo DiCaprio suddenly took to his (incredibly boring) Twitter to denounce a buddy’s gambling addictions. But that any actor would go on the record saying something like that, even about a known assh*le like Matthew Fox, is kind of amazing. Like, my “oh no he didn’t” outweighs my “oh dude, #8”. And Dom really stuck to his guns, going on to say, “He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often.”

This also crosses over with something else I’ve been writing about recently, which is fandom and blind spots . The girl who asked Monaghan about Fox responded, in all caps, “What about all those good times you had together?!” And Dom’s response drives home the point I was trying to make before—and obviously didn’t—when he said, “How do you know we ever did. You don’t know either of us.” (Emphasis mine.)

You can yell at me all you want. You can tell me that the result of Fox’s alleged-punching incident in Ohio last year is a mess of lawsuits and he said/she said, therefore, there’s nothing conclusive. (The recent DUI is a little more definitive, no?) And you can tell me all about how Fox is a great guy who’s just so misunderstood and is being persecuted and I’m a worthless bitch who doesn’t know anything.

You know whose word I’m taking? Dom’s. The actor who spent six years working with the guy wins over the little fangirl who’s never met either of them. Every time.

Attached - Dominic Monaghan in Toronto yesterday at the Rogers Media Upfront.