As you’ve probably heard, Terrence Howard has dropped out of Iron Man 2. Apparently he wanted too much money and a personal ass wiper assigned to him at all times. Marvel told him to beat it.

It’s now confirmed that Don Cheadle has stepped into the role of Rhodey for BOTH the Iron Man sequel AND The Avengers taking him well into 2011 and possibly more. If the money’s good enough for Cheadle, it should have been good enough for Howard. But the greedy douche did us a favour.

And this is good news for us. Love Don Cheadle. Don Cheadle > Terrence Howard every day.

Remember Don Cheadle in Out of Sight? That movie was so underrated. Jennifer Lopez’s finest work, non? One of my favourite scenes below:


While we’re at it, Duana and I were discussing this the other day – Clooney and JLo’s pre-sex sex is the best sex ever. And his hair… his hair…

This is Don yesterday out and about in LA.

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