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Can you tell I’m excited? I teared up – as I do – a few times last night. Most of the tears had to do with Donald Glover and Atlanta. I’m not from Atlanta. I don’t know Donald Glover personally. My tears were probably irrational. It may be unhealthy how connected I feel to these people I’m not related to and this show I had nothing to do with but I can’t help it. Watching Atlanta brought me so much joy. But the reason the show’s Golden Globes win is so significant is that Atlanta is super weird and super black. It’s unlike any comedy on television right now. The HFPA decided to recognized the blackest, weirdest, dopest piece of art on TV in 2016 and that is important.

Donald Glover thanked “black folks from Atlanta… for just being alive and doing amazing things” in his acceptance speech for Best TV Series Musical or Comedy. Part of what makes Atlanta so special is that it’s deeply authentic. This is not an outsider’s view of what black folks in Atlanta do. It’s a real, three dimensional depiction. Donald Glover worked his ass off to make the show he wanted to watch and now he’s getting honoured for it. This was basically me on my couch during both of Glover’s acceptance speeches:

That’s Brian Tyree Henry (Paper Boi) and Keith Stanfield (Darius) feeling all of the feels. My tears were replaced with laughter when Glover thanked Migos for making Bad and Boujee.

If you’re as confused as Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain in that clip, let Donald explain why he shouted out the Atlanta hip hop trio.

Finally, I need to give some love to Zazie Beetz who plays my favourite character Van on Atlanta. She wore a black dress by Delphine Manivet.  The velvet paired with the material in the skirt is so good. She’s just the coolest. If you aren’t watching Atlanta, just do it so you can meet Van already. She’s worth it.

Handout/ Frazer Harrison/ Steve Granitz/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

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