Last October, I posted this article with my nomination for President Snow in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, Kiefer Sutherland.

Today Lionsgate announced that it was indeed a Sutherland who has been cast as the evil autocrat of Panem but... Donald. Yeah, he can do creepy, for sure. And he’s amazing, of course. But I was picturing younger.

No matter – it’s a good call, and now the first installment is in place. Since most of the other major players don’t emerge until Catching Fire, they probably don’t have to bother with that yet, and this includes Finnick. Maybe by then, you’ll have a new Finnick in mind? To replace the one you’re set on now?

I’ve interviewed Donald Sutherland once before, a few years ago. I was still smoking on the regular then. And the day before the interview, everyone at work sent me ten thousand emails warning me not to smoke before we rolled. That morning they kept with the reminders. The interview was well into the afternoon. I was like, um, can’t I just have one and take a shower after? And eat? And chew gum? WtF? They were all – no, let’s be cautious Lainey, ok? So I complied, but then all day I was paranoid about walking past someone who was a smoker, or whether or not my clothes had residual smoke on them, and if I would get thrown out of the room and accused of it even though I didn’t. Apparently Mr Sutherland is VERY sensitive. Anyway, I passed and it worked out well and he gave me a great interview. But then after, because of the stress of it all, I chained off 3 in a row.

Anyway, Kiefer Sutherland is hardcore with the smoking. What happens then? I’ve always been curious.