Hell yeah. Is Rosie a loudmouth hag? Sure. Is she obnoxious? Yep. Is she always right? Of course not. But on squeaky clean daytime, on squeaky clean tv period, when none of the hard questions are ever asked, when ass kissing is the prevailing standard… I’ll take Rosie’s rants any time. Especially when she’s railing against that skank tramp Dina Lohan. So on The View yesterday, Rosie is commenting on that Bazaar article –see here for more details - and of course she pretty much echoes what we all think of Lilo’s mother: vain, greedy, opportunistic. I mean this is a woman, a MOTHER, who not only says nice things about Hollywood Ebolabut who encourages her daughter to hang with her because they are the Trumps of the future! – and all this… ON THE RECORD. Needless to say, Rosie tore her a new asshole… in spite of the fact that Dina was scheduled to be on the show the following day during which time she was supposed to milk her moneychild some more and dish about her fabulous life living vicariously through Lindsay. Result? View producers pulled the plug on the Lohan appearance, disinviting her from the taping - kinda disappointing because seeing Rosie take her on in person would have been the sh-t but still – anyone who isn’t afraid to call that bitch on her hypocrisy deserves a big fat smutty kiss, don’t you think? Source