Could you picture People with a cover like this? WAY overdue but credit where credit is due, especially since Hollywood Ebola and her wonky ass eye graces a third of the front. Didn’t notice before but her nose is caving in – coincidence or conspiracy? Haven’t read inside but the headline itself is tantalizing: Who’s Using? It’s not just who you think. Will they have the balls to expose the American Sweethearts? Those who stay thin on a steady diet of blow and Zone? Doubt it….but a good start nonetheless. Even better throwing Paris on the cover – bitch has been taking a pounding lately, which accounts for her low key behaviour of late… and it needs to continue. Because although that sh-t will never be eradicated, it doesn’t mean we can’t figuratively beat the sh-t out of her if she insists on hanging around. As for the drug issue? The accessibility of cocaine, the rampant, almost pedestrian use all over Hollywood? Totally true. Was in LA a couple of weeks ago, staying at the Roosevelt, we were outside Teddy’s one night, watching the wannabes wanna be on a Friday night. Got up to use the loo, walked into a stall, there was a thin film of coke on the ledge right above the toilet paper and residue pushed into the cracks between the tiling and the wall, secret handshakes every few minutes, skinny skinny beautiful girls all dying to be discovered, all dying for a bump. And it’s not just the young ones. It’s everyone. Even the 30s crowd. Even the ones who live in Malibu and suntan all day. But then again, you won’t read about that in People Magazine. Us Weekly