Hot Tip just in! Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA, making headlines for lewd behaviour (as illustrated), resulting in her getting dethroned without benefit of a Trump Pardon...I"ve just heard that there are new allegations that will be surfacing imminently that make these photos look tame by comparison. According to my source, Katie will allegedly be accused of: - being a paid escort working for an escort service - being a known cocaine user - getting kicked out of a hotel after fighting with a client over her escort fee - having sex with women and men For the record, I don"t see anything wrong with that last point AT ALL. What I find astounding though is that everyone seems to be losing their sh-t over Beauty Pageant Smut...because they thought the industry was full blown cookies and cream wholesome? Please. From what I understand, the new breed of pageant girl heroworships Paris Hilton. What the f&ck did they expect? PS. As a good a segue as any to talk about Little Miss Sunshine. Have you seen it? Top 5 of 2006 FOR SURE. Love the part when her brother pleads to her mother: "Mom, you can"t let her do this. These people are f-ckED"...which really sums of my view family pageantry in general. Wouldn"t you know it - Katie Rees"s mother is on the Board of the Miss Florida Pageant... Makes TOTAL sense, non? TMZ