Thank you for your emails in support of my quiveration for Eminem validating me against Duana’s disgust. He was HOT last night. And even Michelle admitted his face didn’t look so f-cked up. Check the way he’s wearing his pants. Please. With Drake and Wayne, Em delivered. Em was sharp, Em was tight, Em was SEX, and Drake is the pride of the 416.

The final performance of the night, flanked by two hip hop masters, he HASN’T EVEN RELEASED A FULL ALBUM, already lauded by Jay-Z, Kanye, Jamie Foxx knows all his lyrics, but still he took his mom to the event, wore a leather jacket that everyone now wants, and can you imagine? Last year he sat up in the bleachers. Crazy.

Drake covers the February/March 2010 issue of Complex. Strong interview, as always, and photo shoot viz, but why the sharing with Trachtenberg? I don’t get it. Click here to read.

Revisit last night. Did you see how much fun he was having?

That wraps up the Grammys. Please keep sending your messages. We have more gossip to cover.

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