Hell yeah.

Speaking of sh-t disturbing, Vibe is disturbing some really good sh-t with its new issue featuring two covers: Drake and Chris Brown. Oh la.

Chris Brown of course is the piece of sh-t who’s trying to sell a new album while riding the high from his beatdown of Rihanna. Drake however is the Canadian breakout artist and Degrassi alumnus who worked with everyone from Kanye to Jay-Z to Lykke Li this year and who just earned two Grammy nominations this week for Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song and…

Is rumoured to have been the first to date RiRi after Breezy.

They used to call Breezy the future. Now they say Drizzy is the future. Oh Chris Brown, how does that feel motherf-cker?

Don’t think he isn’t aware of it either. Chris namechecked Drake in his new song Famous Girl. And both used to date Keshia Chante. Heh.

Click here for more on the dual covers.

As for Drake…

Note the Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap. And, as my friend Mark R pointed out, he’s also showing some Hebrew love. Hip hop’s new religion. Amazing.