Before we get into this though, a quick word on the bullsh-t Pacquio/Bradley decision? Is the WBO bankrolled by the Chinese Communist government? It stanks just as badly of corruption and foul.

Ok so last night in New York, Chris Brown and Drake both show up at a club called WIP. By the end of the evening, Brown’s chin was cut open, supposedly by a member of Drake’s entourage. The cops have confirmed to TMZ that their crews threw down though details about why and how it all happened are unclear.

Accordingly to, Brown sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake who allegedly sent it back with a note: “I’m f-cking the love of your life (Rihanna, obviously), deal with it”. Mayhem ensued.

I’ve heard from a source that there was no note but that Drake and Co rudely didn’t bother to acknowledge the gesture and Brown took that as an insult. Mayhem ensued. 

The other version of the story is that Drake was there with Meek Mill. Meek Mill and Chris Brown have beefed before, and on Twitter too. It was over Rihanna. Some are saying that Mills and Brown were the ones who were getting into it and not Drake directly, though Drake is tight with Mill and would have had Mill’s back. Mayhem ensued.

Naturally Brown was all over his Twitter about the incident, posting a photo of his sliced chin - supposedly from a broken bottle - and calling out unnamed adversaries. Here’s an example:

“How u party wit rich n---as that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”

Half a dozen or so similar messages were tweeted from his account. And then, as is his way, he pulled them down. Of course he did. Every day he’s challenging and confronting and being pissy and emoting publicly on Twitter. A few minutes later, once he calms down, or his mother calls him, he quickly regrets it and tries to wipe out the evidence. Anger management clearly did not work on that kid.

Chris Brown is a loser. We know this. You expect this. But Drake?

Drake should know better. He comes out worse. Because it doesn’t get any worse for Chris Brown. Chris Brown scrapping with Drake only proves, again, that he’s a f-ck-up. But Drake scrapping with Chris Brown makes Drake look like he can’t deal.