Jacek’s right. If I want a team to win, I have to get as far away from them as possible.

As expected, Drake was courtside at the Raptors game last night to watch the Northern Uprising even the series against the Brooklyn Nets. Now I’m curious to know if he’ll travel with the team to New York for the next game on Friday. And if so…what kind of seats will he have? And will Jay Z and Beyonce be there? And will they trash-talk each other, in good spirit, across the court? Or will Drake be too busy ironing his shirt?

Last night they found him a lint roller for his black jeans. Here’s the GIF:

And here’s the full video:

Don’t you hate that? When fuzz gets all over your pants? You know what’s worse? DOG HAIR.

Drake subsequently posted a still of his lint rolling on Instagram with the caption: Lint Rollers on deck. So he knows. But seriously, does a member of his entourage just have a lint roller tucked away for always? Or did they search the Air Canada Centre to procure him one?