Drake was in New York on Wednesday night, shooting an ad for Kodak. Oh the endorsements are pouring in. Last night however Drake was in Detroit. Last night was night 1 of Home & Home. As in Eminem & Jay-Z. Detroit & New York. Four epic shows and so much hype and by all accounts, they did not disappoint.

F-ck! I want to go!

Anyway, you may remember, Em & Jay were in Toronto for Drake’s performance a couple of weeks ago. So Drake showed up for them, a video of Forever is below. And of course they’ll all be at the VMAs next week September 12 in LA where both Drizzy and Shady will take the stage ...and so will Nicki Minaj.

People lost their sh-t a few days ago when Drake and Nicki tweeted they were married – they’re not – conveniently as Nicki’s hype is building in advance of the launch of her first album. Drake knows exactly what he’s doing.

Also attaching Drake’s VMA promo which I’m not really into. It looks cheap, right?

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com