If you follow DJ Khaled on social, you know it’s the question, a variation on, “Did the Drake vocals come in yet?” Somebody usually answers that it’s “top secret”. And then Khaled delivers his trademark, “I like that”.

Khaled is working on a new album called Grateful. The Drake vocals came in. Here’s my favourite shot of all the photos that Khaled Instagrammed from their studio session last night:

Like, 3 seconds before this happened, does someone shout out “SERIOUS CONTEMPLATION FACE!”?

Drake’s super try super serious face makes another appearance here:

His hardness is kinda undermined by Khaled’s hilariously adorable goofiness, non? Whatever. I’m not complaining. You can’t really complain when Khaled is around. He makes everything funny.

Here’s Drake leaving The Nice Guy last night, presumably before heading over to Khaled’s to start working. But not before a wardrobe change. Pink hoodie for dinner, yellow hoodie for the studio. I do love this pink hoodie though. I like how the black patches on the sleeves make it look like they’re tapered. And the black patch across he midsection, from some angles, matched up against the patches on the sleeves, give it kind of a cape effect.