Juno Awards. 40th anniversary. In Toronto. March 27th. Drake is hosting. And Shania Twain will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. And Sarah McLachlan will perform. Bryan Adams is presenting. Adams just announced he is to be a father for the first time at 51. His personal assistant is the baby mother. This is… um…unexpected.

As for Drake presiding over the festivities in his home town, he’s not quite there yet. Yesterday there was man-hugging on the agenda in Beverly Hills. Ugh. Why can’t he just get with our program and do the same thing, all the time, every day with Rihanna? She’s in LA too.

Etalk will be live on the red carpet at the Junos next Sunday. Come down to the Air Canada Centre! I’ll be there trying not to freeze my balls off. Thinking of wearing pink feather earrings inspired by my Gwyneth. Laura, my producer, will probably cut her eye at me. These are the small pleasures in my life.

Photos from INF