Drake is supposed to release a new album, More Life, this month. There was never an officially announced release date. But there aren't that many more release dates left, really. You don't want to do it too close to Christmas. You don't want to lose people to the final holiday rush. So that basically leaves, like, now, from now to next week. After that, we kind of all check out.

It's been a good week for Drake. Eight Grammy nominations for Views, including Album of the Year, even though, as I posted the other day, I don't think it belongs on that list. One Dance for sure should have been nominated for Song and Record of the Year. But Views as a whole..:was alright, not the greatest. It was however the greatest seller. And so people are expecting that More Life will also bring in the money. Or will it?

Like ...do you miss Drake? I miss Drake and Rihanna. But I don't miss Drake. He won't let me! I say this now and then he'll come with a banger next week to close the year and make me look like an asshole.

Here he is in LA yesterday.