January 11th. The Golden Globe Awards. It’s a BIG year with BIG names. As if the Brange alone was not enough, there’s Tom and KatE, Leo and Kate Winslet and Meryl and Colin Farrell and RDJ and Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem AND Steven Spielberg is getting the Cecil B Demille… and now the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is starting to announce presenters. 

The first batch includes Sacha Baron Cohen, Simon Baker, Seth Rogen…and the ladies: Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, and yes! Amy Poehler!

I miss Drew. Just as I was searching for a photo of her made me realise I’d forgotten how pretty she is. Shockingly enough, she’s been single for almost 6 months. Not to say she hasn’t been making out randomly – with Ed Westwick – but Drew NOT in love is a strange new reality. Wonder how long that’s going to last…

Anyway, something to look forward to after the holidays – it’s the one benefit of the January slog: awards season!

More high profile presenters expected. Will Jennifer Aniston make an appearance for a very intriguing red carpet? 

File photos from Wenn.com