Last night, the LA premiere of HBO’s Grey Gardens, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange on the red carpet…

I am as fascinated with Lange’s face as you are. Particularly her eyes. The objective isn’t to look natural anymore, is it? Seems like they stopped bothering.

Drew, as you can see, is still walking with the spirit of Little Edie. Have never seen her make love to the cameras as she has this week. Love the neckline of this dress. Don’t love that I can’t see her feet but this is a personal objection and not a universal one. The bottom line is that she looks great, maybe a little overanimated, very glamourous, and she really wants you to watch her movie.

You should. It’s definitely worth seeing, on so many levels.

But please… please watch the original first. They’re back to back anyway!

HBO Canada, Saturday April 18th and for our US readers it’s on HBO same day at 8pm.

Photos from and Kiley Bishop/London Ent/