Drew Barrymore and Justin Long shooting a kissing scene on a boat today in New York for the upcoming Going the Distance. As you know, they’re dating/sort of/casually but serious… and she keeps putting him in her movies.

I actually didn’t mind him in He’s Just Not That Into You. I did however mind everything else. Watched it on a plane which is the only place, if anywhere, it should be seen.

Anyway, Going the Distance is a romantic comedy about a couple’s long distance relationship. Gripping. Jason Sudeikis, as you can see, has a supporting role. Really enjoying him on SNL. His gaffe-prone Joe Biden is hilarious. And his recurring Two A-holes with Kristen Wiig is the best. I like the way he tosses out the word “babe”. I hate the way NBC refuses to Youtube so many of its clips.

In the absence of that, let’s post the trailer for Whip It again.

Janet Mayer / Splashnewsonline.com