So his name is Justin Long, but most of you know him as the Mac Guy in all of those ads. You also probably know he and Drew Barrymore have been making out all over the place in LA. And now they’ve taken their PDA on the road to Toronto.

Am told Drew and Mac were at Sweaty Betty’s on Ossington on Saturday night. Drew was super casual and they were surrounded by sycophants. As is their style, at one point, she started kissing him but… get this … midway through he pulled a Jared Leto and started checking his … um… PDA.

Lame joke, sorry. But it’s true. He apparently uses an iphone (of course!) and couldn’t leave it alone long enough to focus intently on Drew.

Bad move, dude.

You are NO ONE. She is Drew Barrymore. She is the best thing that’s ever happened to you…even BETTER than Apple. So smarten up, Mac Boy. You do know what happened to Tom Green, don’t you?

Oh right. You don’t. Because no one f&cking cares.