Drew Barrymore is single again. And if you’ve charted Drew’s romantic resumé over the years, this is not a surprise. Drew finds love often…but it’s not often lasting.

So she and Justin Long are no more – confirmed by her rep. Of course they’re still friends. Of course they are. This time I believe it. Am told it was a relationship characterised more by companionship than by full-on lusty passion, the way it was with Fabrizio, with no conventional boundaries. So while Justin was her official beau, it’s not like she couldn’t kiss another dude in an elevator, you know? While we’re at it, if the lightbulb just went off, those happy returns appear to be recreational only. For now.

This personal setback however has been matched professionally.

Drew’s been working on He’s Just Not That Into You – it’s her production company that produced the film which has now been moved back to a February 2009 release. Movies typically go to February to die, especially when they were originally intended to be out there much sooner. (Remember The Other Boleyn Girl? SOOOO bad!)

This is the 2nd time HJNTIY has been pushed…never a good sign. Some are saying it’s because Jennifer Aniston did not test well with audiences, but in defence of Jen, my sources say it’s just not a very good movie all round.

And the blame for that is not Jennifer Aniston…but Drew Barrymore. They now have time to cut it, massage it, make it better. Hopefully for Drew sake she can salvage something. Whatever happens, at least it"s better than going back to being the Mac dude...period.