Sometimes I worry that I do a little too much finger wagging around here. Gossip provides endless opportunities to feel self-righteous and I always take the bait, ready at all times to complain about stuff like Katy Perry’s stupid politics or that weird anti-abortion movie Pattie Mallette made (still furious about that one tbh).

But you know what? Not everything is about Katy Perry and her wig form of a brain and I don’t hate everything. I actually love gossip and the people we gossip about and do you know who’s just the easiest to love in the whole world? Drew Barrymore.

She’s snapped over the weekend taking Olive to the park and, while no, this is not especially smutty, it’s just something that happened that we can all feel nothing but positive vibes about. How great that Drew Barrymore didn’t become Lindsay Lohan! How wonderful that she still manages to pull off her hippie vibe with enough humor that we don’t have to be cynical about her! And f*ck yes that her kid is the adorable heiress to one of Hollywood’s most celebrated dynasties!

Ok, so, yes, Drew is currently making a movie called Familymoon with Adam Sandler that’s surely going to suck. She also hasn’t announced Charlie’s Angels 3 yet either. So not everything is perfect, but for a Monday afternoon this is good enough for me.