Drew Barrymore went for a manicure and pedicure in LA today. Meanwhile over in London yesterday, Rachel McAdams played pregnant, apparently going into labour on the set of the new Richard Curtis movie About Time. I’m assuming that Bill Weasley is the father.

Yes, Rachel and Michael Sheen are still together and solid. Photos of them at Wimbledon in London on the weekend are attached. They’re both working but they’re trying to see each other as often as possible. After the success of The Vow, Rachel has pretty much cemented her position as romantic movie girl. Though she can be a lot more, and I’m sure that’s in the plan, sometimes things work out as they should. Sometimes you miss out on an opportunity because some other actress was a f-cking bitch and it turns out it wouldn’t have been right for you anyway and now that girl is off writing articles about hemp diapers because she can’t get a proper acting job. The Hollywood fates do get it right on occasion.