And Drew loves Dave. And I love Drew’s pants. So it’ll be a love fest tonight on Letterman... but she’ll probably keep her shirt on. That was 15 years ago I think. Jesus. I’m old.

Drew Barrymore arrived at Letterman studios this afternoon to tape an appearance on his show promoting Going the Distance, hoping for a sleeper hit. Drew’s certainly been working hard for it. She was just in LA last night at the Hollywood premiere, and then flew east immediately to pound the circuit in New York. It doesn’t look like a great movie, and some people are saying it’ll bomb. But hope is something I think Drew is very good at.

I often wonder if celebrities handle disappointment better than civilians. I handle disappointment very poorly. But rejection is a big part of an actor’s life, it’s almost a job requirement, especially at the beginning, even one with a pedigree. So being in a movie that tanks probably pales in comparison to not getting to be in the movie at all in terms of suckage. Is that how it works?

Remember at school if something embarrassing happened to you the day before, if you were meangirled, or you spilled chocolate milk all over your pants, or your period leaked through your shorts, or Billy Buster told everyone you let him touch your boob behind the bleachers on the rugby side, it was awful, AWFUL having to get up the next day and face it all over again?

What’s that like in Hollywood when your movie comes out and gets sh-t on? These are delicate, fragile, insecure people. And all of that just hovers like a food cloud over that town, terrible and taunting, testing all of them, breaking many of them. Drew isn’t my favourite right now, but right now she’s also a survivor. So no doubt, if Going the Distance is sh-t, and that’s been the assumption, she’s had a lot of practise showing up for class tomorrow. Drew as you know is a seasoned warrior in the business.

But how do the rest of them do it?

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