I can’t remember loving to hating as swiftly as I have for Drew Barrymore. Because if you’ve been reading my site long enough, I adored her. So much. But something happened along the way to Grey Gardens. And now Drew has gone from goofy and endearing to eyestabbing f-cking annoying let-me-slap-the-fairy-dust-out-of-your-nose insufferable. In a WEEK. First at the Globes with her indulgent, assy acceptance speech and then again, a repeat performance of irritating “magical” bullsh-t at the SAGs on Sunday.

And her hair sucked. And her makeup sucked. It was a giant overall suck. SUCK. Can’t stand her so hard. Jessica Lange can’t either. Like, shut up and sit DOWN. And eat it with the naive bimbo act. You run a production company and direct movies now. We’re all ok that you’re not Gertie anymore. Do YOU understand that you’re not Gertie anymore?

Drew Barrymore has become a giant eyeroll. No wonder Cameron broke up with her.


Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and Bauergriffin.com