Drew Barrymore turned up at the Cover Girl 50th anniversary party last night in LA. She’s a spokesperson for the brand. As you can see, she chose to wear citrus. And while I don’t mind the colour, I do mind that this thing probably cost a mortgage payment even though it looks like I could have put that sh-t together with a starter sewing kit.

Anyway, Drew’s been quiet lately, no major projects have been confirmed as it becomes harder and harder to secure funding for things that aren’t 3D and don’t involve explosions. She’s still on and offing it with Justin Long, it has still been ages since we’ve seen her hanging out with Cameron Diaz, and, as I reported yesterday, she was recently in Austin spending time with Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock.

It has been a year since Drew annoyed us with her acceptance speeches during awards season last year for her performance in Grey Gardens. Do you need to be reminded?

Photos from Wenn.com