Am mortified that Lainey called when I was watching America’s Next Top Model and that I had to own up to it. Yes, I’m a complete reality TV junkie whether it involves a bachelorette, castaways on an island, or a group of 12 losers locked in a house. Don’t act like you’re above it. You know you love the Chenbot. This summer’s pregnant Chenbot? Even better.

I tried to salvage my reputation by pointing out that I was merely waiting for Glee to come on afterwards. Jane Lynch slays me, and Matthew Morrison can sing me to sleep any night of the week. Are you watching Glee? You should be. Listen to Lainey. She knows what she’s talking about.

And someone who’s always full of glee is Drew Barrymore, who was in Boston yesterday promoting her directorial debut Whip It, starring Ellen Page as a roller derby girl. The film gets its Canadian premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this Sunday. As well, Drew will be in town and dropping in on etalk on Saturday for a live interview.

Doesn’t she look fabulous? Healthy, glowing, and younger than ever? I had to enlist the help of two of my favourite hags just to get a consensus on this, and both Emily and Alexis agreed. Alexis was loving the mixing of the plaids and the trendy lace up boots and we all adored the thigh-high knickers/schoolgirl/Alicia Silverstone circa Clueless look. Your thoughts?

Can’t deal with that hair, though. That dip into the black paint look needs to stop. But I get it. It’s funky, it’s punky, it’s Drew. And that heart shaped necklace really brings everything together, reminding us of the cuteness and unconditional love that is Drew Barrymore. Can’t wait to see Whip It, which opens everywhere Oct. 2!

A quick thank you to everyone who sent in encouraging emails to me! I’m sorry about promoting JailBait. I promise to never bring her up again. And you know I’m nodding my head like yeah. And just for funsies, even though I know it’s like prodding a bear in a cage, to all you Twi-hards out there, should I be going to the Jackson Rathbone/100 Monkeys show this Saturday?

Written by Alan W
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