I’ve been working on a sentence that properly says what I want to say for over 15 minutes now and it’s still not right but I have to move on:

Didn’t you always expect Drew Barrymore to date a dude called “Will”? (OR) Isn’t “Will” the kind of name for a guy you always expected Drew Barrymore to date? What I mean is that I can totally picture her, as she’s listing off all the things she loves about him, to be all like...

-and he’s kind
-he’s really smart
-his name is Will
-he’s goodlooking

As if it’s an attribute...


Does that make sense?

Either Will or, like, Hunter, or something.

Anyway, Us Weekly reports that Drew and Will Kopelman are engaged; he proposed over the holidays. They’ve been together about a year. Am I crazy for saying I feel like this one might last... because his name is Will and hers is Drew?

Attached - Drew and Will through 2011.