Here’s Drew Barrymore at a photo shoot yesterday. Magazine? Or CoverGirl? I’ll say magazine because I feel like cosmetics ads are more often than not taken in studio. If it’s a magazine then, I assume she’ll finally address her pregnancy. Not that it’s any of my goddamn business but more and more, as we’ve seen (as recently as the previous article on Jessica Alba), pregnancy is the one personal thing that celebrities want to become their business…so that they can attract ours.

But is Drew Barrymore the type? The type to give birth to a Baby Pimp? It’s especially interesting in her case given the experience she had herself growing up in Hollywood with so much, so fast, and so out of control. And yet Drew has also always been something of a…sharer. You know like daisies and spirits and the wonders whispered in the clouds. Can you see her selling diapers and bibs and blogging about gluten? I’ll say no. I’ll predict, perhaps naively, that Drew will not leverage her child to phase in a new career or to boost her current one. That said, I wouldn’t find you too hard if you insist she does.