Drew Barrymore’s birthday party last night at Soho House Grey Goose Club wasn’t one of those red carpet affairs. No paps, private location, private entrance, Soho House this week has literally been a place where celebrities can have their own parties without making it a work event. So you get to see them in their true element. Was amazing.

When Michelle and I arrived, Drew was already there with Justin Long, playing hostess. Gorgeous Marisa Tomei was chatty chatty and couch mingling the entire night. Javier Bardem with his “trilby” on was chilling at the back, spotted a low key Guy Pierce – so much better looking in person – hanging with a group in the middle of the room.

As you can see, Drew was wearing the same dress Rachel McAdams wore at the TIFF premiere of Married Life. And looked just as good. Funny because Rachel was there as well!

Back to Drew - she is ridiculously pretty. Amazing skin, normal body, and exactly as you expect her to be – constantly gesticulating, big smile all the time, eyes are expressive, her voice is just as it is in the movies, she was making introductions all night like this:

X this is my boyfriend Justin. Justin this is my dear friend X.

Poor thing looked bewildered half the time. Like he could not believe how he ended up there. It was adorable. And when she’d flitter off for a ciggie or a refill on her cocktail or to gossip with a friend, after a while he’d start looking around for her, a little lost and unsure.

Best though is Drew with Cam. Literally two girly girls who love being together. Our respective “groups” were next to each other at one point. The two of them couldn’t stop squealing and hugging. Drew wrapped her arms around Cam and held on there for long time. Then she started teasing her and rubbing and kneading her belly. After a while it was handholding and when 80s music came on, it was full on bopping. I was bopping back to back with Cameron Diaz. I’m not gonna lie. It made my life.

Especially because her outfit was the sh*t. Like… the sh*t.

Black tight dress under a cropped short sleeved leather jacket and only Cam D could make BLACK HOSE ok tucked into black stiletto slingback booties. Yes. Slingback booties. Bitch!

I’ve seen Cameron all gussed up on Oscar night but never chilled out and casual. Cameron Diaz chilled out and casual totally pops. Very, very attractive. No… not pretty. But attractive. Striking. She owns the room. And the way she carries her body – confident, limber – it’s the sexiest thing.

One of those girls – everyone wants to be her friend. And she’s surrounded always by girls who are her friends which is what is coolest about Cam. I mean there were dudes, for sure. There were guys who would have wanted to get close. But she was content staying put with her girls, not one of those women whose primary motivation at a party is to attract as much male attention as possible. Or who lives to flirt.

I love her. I think she might be the new #2 to my Gwyneth. Is that bad?

Gah! Don’t have time to proof this – just got call that my shoot is moved up… back soon with Madonna and Rachel and more!