Written by Duana

So there's a report in US Weekly about Christina Aguilera getting so wasted at Jerermy Renner's birthday party that she climbed into his bed (he wasn't in it). The story is notable because there's a quote told in the first person, with "I" statements. Even though Jeremy Renner's rep is quoted gently denying the details of the first-person account, it comes from Jeremy, not a "source close to" or "friend of the actor".

It probably means it's pretty true. Or that enough people saw enough of the story that its hard to piece together just one version.

It seems somewhat clear that Aguilera is on her way to somewhere not good. Right? And though I don't think "sad smut" is a universal term, I think people are staying away from the obvious questions because they don't want to know the answers.

If she is heading toward a breakdown, it's sadder because she seemed together before note. Maybe she thought she eas over the crazy partying phase. Maybe she was dismayed to find this kind of reckless behavior come over her 'even though she's a mom'. Maybe someone told her Burlesque would make her relevant again.

Christina is a lot of people's great hope. That Disney or pop stardom or bo don't have to turn you into a weird daddy's girl with issues like Miley and Jessica and Britney. In fact, Christina's lacked a stage parent all along unless of course that was the purpose of Jordan Bratman.

And yes of course technically it's sad to talk about. But it isn't like she's doing all this in private. We all saw how she looked on Sunday. We all speculate about what it means. She isn't hiding out and having what might amount to a breakdown in private.

Maybe shes the exception? Maybe there will be people around her to help?

For the record, though I think the spirit of this story spells trouble, I don't think the letter of it does. Unlike some, I don't find Renner distasteful - and since by all accounts his parents were at his birthday party, it seems like a respectable affair - and if not for the fact that she was fetched by her boyfriend, whom I'm sure wasn't pleased, she could have done worse.

Please, let it not get to the level of Joe Francis.

Photos from Wenn.com