I LOVE updates. Also, I know we’re supposed to be anti retweeting compliments, and I AM – but I don’t think this counts. You may consider me gloating. 

The Teacher’s Curse Update
I emailed Duana and you published my letter re: The Teacher’s Curse. My husband and I were having trouble picking a boy’s name as I’d worked at an all boy’s school for over a decade. 

Our little bundle arrived a little early on February 25th - safe and sound.

We decided on one of our choices that Duana endorsed.

His name is Duncan - Duncan Francis Russell MacKay (The middle names are for each of the grandfathers).

End With A Y Update

Hi Duana,

Thanks so much for your column, and all your suggestions!

So in spite of my barely coherent rambling, you totally got exactly what I was asking for, because you suggested a bunch of names that were already circling in my head. Believe it or not, since I wrote that first letter, I have thought about Jeremy, Davey, Eli and Teddy, so I was delighted that you concurred. But, sadly, my husband is an infuriating combination of fussy and stubborn and he doesn't want any of them (the gist of my second letter was basically, 'desperate now, husband doesn't like anything').

However, we both really like Simon so thank you so much for that suggestion, it's now definitely a contender. And I LOVE Zeke. Love love love it. It's just perfect, in so many ways, and is now firmly at the top of my list. Bravo! Awesome input. Husband is a bit more neutral but is at least open to it, which is more than can be said for anything I've come up with. So, 12 weeks from now, we'll have an Eilidh or Emer, or a Simon or Zeke!

Rhymes With Sarah Update

I saw your recent name update column and realized that I had never provided my own. We decided, as you stated, that having rhyming names would be super cheesy. It was fun to think about but in the end, we decided to go with a classic name. We had a baby girl and named her Louisa, whom we call Lou for short. It is unique enough to be the only one we know, though I keep hearing about "so and so's sister who named her baby Louisa" but have yet to meet another! And doesn't trip anyone up. Caroline was in the running for a while, and if we have a boy down the line, Jeremiah is on the list. I love Garrett, too. But we now won't all be intentionally "ar's." Thanks for your help!

A note to name-nerd letter writers,

I love getting your letters. In order to give them the best chance of being answered in a timely fashion, could I please trouble you to include the due date in the subject line of your email? Also, please send only one email – duplicates are deleted and may result in your email not being answered. Thanks!