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Help!!!!! Pregnant with my second, due in the middle of summer, and we are completely stuck on a name. We will be having a boy this time around so of course I had girls names all picked out!  The only names we like so far are Grayson and Hudson but we aren't really in love with either.  There are other names I love but the problem is our last name.  It is one syllable and ends in a hard "ark".   So we are having problems picking out something that we both love and flows well with the last name without making the poor child's name sound like a golf course or destination.


One of the things I loved most reading advice columns would be when the advice-giver would say “you’ve answered your own question here, I think”. Boom! Bam!

I am so excited to be able to drop that one today.

I think we can all figure out what your last name is but for the sake of Googleability, let’s pretend we don’t, or at least not type it out.

I have some words for you: I don’t think you should use any of the surname names.  Not Grayson or Hudson – or Sullivan or Cooper or Ellis – for exactly this reason. You have to go with names that are more recognized to be actual first names.  

Nathaniel or Geoffrey or Elias or Augustine or Graham or Nolan, but not Sandringham or Pearson or Tate. They’re elegant beautiful names, but for you, for your kid, with the last name he has – they’re not for you. I know it’s hard. I know breaking up with Everett will be sad. But there’s Leo and Calvin and Julian and Malachi, all of whom will get done what you need to.

Do we need to go a second round? Hit me up.

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