Hi Duana,

I am pregnant with a girl.  I already have a son named Jack. 

What do you think of the name Etta? It is a bit of a family name as my grandmother was Loretta and her mother was Henrietta. My hubby I think wants to like it, but he is still on the fence.

Thanks in advance for your advice.



I rarely have such a strong reaction to a name.

I LOVE Etta.

I think it’s so great and so completely right NOW. Fresh and a twist on all the “E” names that are happening but also coming from a real place, both in terms of your family and going beautifully with Jack. I am all-systems-go on Etta.

You could consider giving her a longer form, of course – I love Henrietta and apparently Georgetta was once a thing alongside Georgina, but it’s lovely on its own.   

Also, for those of you who are all “Etta! Close, but no…” I also came across “Zetta” while reading up on this this morning, so put that in your pipe and chew on it a bit.

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