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Hi Duana!

I'm calling out an SOS for a friend in great need of urgent Name Nerd assistance: My friend Kelley is due any day now and is completely stumped on a name for baby boy #2. Big brother is named Sawyer and is completely adorable with THE greatest head of hair ever. Last time around Sawyer's Dad pushed hard for 'Falcon' (Kelley won with Sawyer). Kelley loves Everett this time around but her husband won't go for it. Last name is a "B" name, one syllable. These two will be really close together in age, and Kelley really wants the names to sound like they go together. Any great suggestions for Sawyer's little brother?

Thanks so much! Christine


Okay, tell your friend we got this. It’s all going to be OK. Sure, maybe Everett (which would be great with Sawyer) is off the table, but there are lots of ways to go with this, and I don’t mean Falcon. 

First of all, how about Elliot? It’s now a completely unisex name, not unlike Sawyer, and it has a great tone to begin with. Everyone likes Elliot, I think, even if there are a few more of them around than there used to be. 

Another option is something like Rafferty. Sawyer and Rafferty aren’t exactly the same, but they’re right there together, having adventures and trying to outrun the bad guys. Also, I know everyone is always trying to find a way to get to the nickname Rae – so this is that. (Lainey: I like Raffi better. SO CUTE!)

Tate? Weston? I know they seem pretty corporate, but I’m trying to figure out what I like in Falcon without actually being Falcon, you know? And I kind of love Sawyer and Tate, and Sawyer and Weston – and that might be the first time I’ve ever endorsed Weston, actually.

Finally, if she really feels like she’s missing Everett and wishes it could be hers, how about Beckett? I know you said she had a B surname, and there is a lot to be said for alliteration making awesome names. 

I can’t wait to hear what she chooses!

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