It's the very last Friday of the summer and I'm in full denial because I feel like we don't actually remember how to do summer until we're more than halfway through it. It's something that is partly a Canadian failing and partly entirely on me. I mean, I was contemplating buying a bathing suit yesterday. It's SEPTEMBER.

But the summer memories continue for all of us, the images of Drake and Rihanna in our minds (and I'm going to be ready to start recommending Ms. Fenty's middle name any time now), and some summer baby updates to feel a sense of accomplishment.

First we have an update from "Arrived and Unnamed"

Thanks so much for your help in suggesting names for my niece - I was pumped to see you had answered and appreciate the cue-jumping. Things were getting frantic!

It was a brilliant clarification strategy to encourage my brother and sister in law to focus on style first. Although they didn’t use any of your name suggestions, I think eliminating Charlotte and Dawn opened up some room to steer them to their pick of Zoe. This was the first name they both really liked, and we all think it’s a great style fit with Maverick.

I loved your Little Mermaid reference: when I first skimmed your answer I thought you were recommending the name Ursula. Anyway I want to thank you again for taking the time to reply to my message – I think it really helped bring clarity to my brother and sister in law in naming their tiny human: I feel like naming can become a many-layered, muddy and sometimes overwhelming activity! So thanks again!


Then there were my friends the Brange Superfans...

Hi Duana,
First of all, thank you so much for your suggestions!

My sister and I checked your column religiously waiting for your reply and squealed like school girls when it was finally my turn. We are pretty big fans of your work and couldn't wait to hear what your advice was on the subject.

On April 28, our beautiful baby girl was born and we named her Shiloh Jolee. After debating about the Jolie-Pitt connection for weeks, I decided to just put on my big girl panties and do something I have rarely done in my life--not given an f*** what other people thought and just follow my heart.

I LOVED your suggestion to use Willa as a variation on Wilhelmina in honour of my grandmother but I really wanted to name her after my grandpa Jo and nothing could hold a candle to Jolee.

And in case you were wondering, no one has brought up the connection to me other than people I have mentioned it to. I don't know if people are just being polite not saying anything or if no one has independently connected the dots but either way, I'm happy with our decision and it suits our little Lo perfectly.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my question! It was beyond a huge thrill for me! (I've printed out the letter for Shiloh's baby book even...I'm cool like that). Keep up the fantastic work!



I remember feeling full sympathy for the questions posed in the Tri-cultural Doozy, which I feel would be the internal celebration in Huffelpuff as a side event during the TriWizard Tournament...

Hi Duana!
Thanks so much for responding! Our baby girl was a week old when I saw your response and still without a name. I liked all the ones I wrote to you about. I think during the 3 weeks it took us to decide her name we called her Ines, Iris and Saga.

We ended up with Saga Lillian. Your response definitely made me feel more secure in our selection.

Thanks a lot!


Finally, there's this note from the parents involved in "My Way And Yours..."

Hi Duana!

I'm writing in with my baby name update for "My Way AND Yours!" We went with....Otto! Otto Reid J----elli to be exact. He was born May 12th, and it took us three days to name him (my husband really loved Luca), and then the first three months were intense because he.would.not.sleep. Luckily, he's got super cute going for him. I recently went back to work - daycare, sob! - but it's getting us into a routine and one of those was to email you back with a name update. I loved all of your suggestions (and affirmations that you loved Otto as well). Much thanks!


P.S. Otto was, as my sister pointed out, ironically born the same day as Otto Frank. Crazy!

That's it for now. Send me more name questions and thoughts of all types, and keep me posted on all those late-breaking summer babies. Depending on where you live, you can still have a "summer birthday" baby if you get it done before Tuesday...