I'm hoping you can give my husband and I some direction on where to go with our next babies name. My husband and I have a toddler named Harvey and we love his name. We know it's kind of clunky and not everyone's taste (believe me, we've heard lots of interesting feedback) but we can't imagine having named him something else.Our dilemma is what comes next? I know we have headed down the path of quirky names but I don't want our future children to be stuck with names like "Harry" and "Pearl" just because we choose Harvey for our first born. How do we pick our next baby name without being to matchy but still keeping it unique and fitting with a name like Harvey?

Any help would be awesome!


Here’s the key, to me. You love his name. So much that you’re able to be jolly and lighthearted about all the “interesting” feedback. You say his name fits him perfectly.   Why won’t you trust yourselves to do just as awesome a job with your second?

If you said “there was a crazy and terrible accident which resulted in us naming our son Harvey after the EMT who saved us both from the side of a mountain during an avalanche, and we would NEVER have ordinarily chosen that name”, then yes, I hear you, maybe, you have a problem. But in this case, the only thing standing in your way is reminding yourself that Harvey isn’t a joke or quirky name that has to go with Mabel or Millie only (though hey, it totally could). 

Harvey could as easily go with Elliot or Melinda, Joscelyne or Malachy. Even the popular names, like Evelyn or Hugo or Felix go well with Harvey. It’s totally up to you, and only you know who his sibling really is. If you’re moved to call the kid Jayden (please…) then yeah, they’re going to sound different. But if you’re the type of people to name an adorable, chubby toddler Harvey, then I think you’re going to be fine for the next round. But for the love of all that’s good, let me know!