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Hi Duana,

I am writing on behalf of my sister who is in desperate need of a girl name.  It's her 4th baby so as you can imagine it just gets harder after each one to pick the next name.  This will be the 3rd girl.  The other 3 children are Willa, Rennie (girl - it's a family name) and Charles.  Their last name is a one syllable German name that is not spelled how it sounds so they don't want a name that is complicated as they already have to deal with the last name.  They are not looking for anything too trendy or obscure.  Something simple and sweet that goes with the older siblings.
Thanks !


Well, I like the names she’s got going so far, but I think she’s going to have to break the mould a little. I look at the girls’ names in particular and think ‘oh, a double consonant in the middle’, combined with more unusual names – there’s not an immediate go-to. Stella is too close to Willa and too common by half; Maya or Rory are too modern, and Leah seems downright plain when compared to Willa and Rennie.

So go a little afield with me, bring your sister along, and consider Vera. Soft and strong at the same time, it’s so rarely used she’ll get to call it all her own. Or Naomi – technically not short, but beautiful and seems to me to complete the set that is Willa, Rennie, Charles and Naomi. Look at how beautifully those flow! But if it’s too far, try Adele – I don’t think the repeating L in Willa is too close – or Phoebe or Norah or Cleo, if you want to end with a different sound for each child. Then there’s Vega, which I just came across and want to pitch to everyone to make up for lost time when I didn’t know it existed. I know it’s kind of out there, but God, isn’t it gorgeous?   Greer? Romy? Ilse, which I rediscovered wandering around the Emily books? These are great names and the choices she’s made so far make a fourth possibly a fun excursion rather than an exercise in all the names she can’t choose. Dara? Celeste? I love where this is taking us.

Tell your sister I love her style and I can’t wait to see where she lands!

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