Hi, Duana!
I've been reading your Names column for a long time now and you have totally and completely sold me on the name Otto. I am pregnant with my second child and I'm pretty sure it's a boy, but I don't know for sure yet. We definitely agree that if it's a boy, his name will be Otto, however, we just can't figure out a middle name.  My first son is named Henry Robert and his name came to us very easily as it is the English version of my dad's name, Enrique, and my husbands first name. Our last name is very German, but I am Mexican and though I don't think a Spanish name would sound right, I'm not opposed to it.

I'm just all Over the place with this, Can you please help??


Yes! See? Otto is going to happen. Maybe, if you have a boy, although imagine that name on a girl?! People often ask me what the results of the name columns are and though I have a few updates here and there, mostly people are busy currently having a new human demanding all of their attention. So I love this – it’s a baby announcement in advance (maybe)!

Okay, so Otto has a big brother named Henry Robert, which can also nod to Enrique.  I think what you want here is possibly a three-syllable to lend some gravitas to the full name. Otto Benedict? It’s longer, it could nod to Benicio if you want, and it’s familiar without being popular.    

Otto Augustin? Otto Anthony? Otto Marius, if you want to go Roman? Otto Roman, since we’re up? Do I dare suggest Damian? Actually, Otto Jeremiah is hitting me where I live … but is it too different from Henry Robert? Otto Frederick, even? I really like Otto Frederick – or Otto Federico, if you want to go that way. Ordinarily I would say ending with two of the same sound is a no-no (heh), but there are enough syllables in Federico that they’re separated nicely.

No matter what, let us know which way you go! Especially if he turns out to be a she!