Hi Duana,

I hope you can help. I've recently signed up for a Fresh Meat Bootcamp hosted by the local roller derby. I've always thought roller derby looked really fun and cool, and would be quite the physical challenge since I'd never roller skated before … and am almost 40.

I'm a couple weeks into bootcamp now and will have to come up with a derby name soon—I would love some suggestions. For inspiration: my first and middle names are Julie Anne, I'm tall (5'11) and work in a creative industry. I'd love something funny yet tough.



I thought this would be a fun one, and have always been amused by Roller Derby names because I am the child of a punner. But imagine my surprise when I learned that the derby name has to be accepted and that ones that are similar to other registered derby names – internationally – will be rejected???

Who knew. So. Obviously if you want to call yourself Kamikaze or Angry Grrl, you don’t need me. Right? I think the derby name is a particular thing that’s supposed to at least kind of reflect you and your personality.  And by the same token I’m not going to suggest Jugzee Cheeks, because…you know.   So based on what you’ve told me.

My immediate thought was Julie Anarchy, but a cursory check of a rollerderby database tells me that’s too close. So:

Julethal Force
Julegal Weapon
40 Proof
InTallerable Julety (say it out loud…)
Five Helleven

And just because I’m pretty sure I would try to use this if I were ever a derby girl (no chance):

Brenda Ballsch

…you know what? This is hard. Do you hate all of them? Do you have any further criteria for me? Also if you’re reading this and you have a suggestion (and you’re not Julie)  hit me up!