Dear Duana

I am about halfway through my pregnancy and if it is a boy we both want to call him Lincoln. We love Lincoln as it feels dignified without being pretentious and uncommon without being unusual. The problem begins when we combine it with our last name, which is Carter. We think the names combined might make him sound like he is a mini-series about past US presidents. Is this a reason to throw Lincoln Carter away or are we idiots for even considering it?

Thanks thanks thanks....


So to be clear here, what you want to hear is that you are idiots, am I right? 

Okay, listen. My usual caveats apply. Lincoln is more common than you think it is, because there is absolutely no beating the “boys-name-ending-in-n” trend this year, or probably next. It’s in the top 100 in the U.S.

But, you like it. And it goes with Carter. Lincoln Carter – sure, it might be a presidential miniseries, or a law firm, or a postmodern punk band, but? Honestly, I always want people to choose names they love. There are few that might not be my taste, but the key is that people are choosing intentionally instead of just defaulting to Mason.

However, if you eliminated presidential names, you’d be out half the names that we currently use for boys. It’s a fact that we look to leaders for inspiration. It’s a fact – look at the fast rising number of Baracks. Logic says someday the U.S. will have a president Liam somebody. You’re not restricted.

And frankly, there are far worse people to emulate. I’ll save my ire for those naming their children after one of the kids from Teen Mom. God, I wish I was kidding.