Hi Duana
Now (that) I am (pregnant) with twins,Jackpot!! my husband and I are doing our best not finding out the sexes of the babies, we want it to be a surprise and I think it’s just so much more fun. We've already settled on our boy names which we adore - it’s either going to be 1 or 2 out of Elijah,Jonah or Noah they are all biblical and we love that, beautiful names with beautiful meanings. We are really stuck though on the girl names, we had liked but not adored Hannah, though I’m not sold on that name at all and my husband kinda likes it, its also a very common name where I’m from, there are no other bibilical names we like and we want something that fits well with either of the boy names above. So please help us, it would mean a lot.


I mean, yeah. Two names to choose is super awesome and you are the envy of all kinds of name nerds. Elijah and Jonah and Noah are lovely, and while they’re relatively common, only Noah is number one on the popularity list. If that bugs you.

As for Hannah, I hear you. It is pretty common and as for the names that are “vowels on the end, consonants in the middle”, between Hannah and Emma and Ava, the trend is really dominant right now.

Are you sure there are no biblical names for girls you like? I know maybe you’re not interested in Ruth or Sarah or Rebecca, but have you thought about Dinah or Claudia or Ariel? Imagine if you had a boy and girl named Elijah and Ariel? Similar, but different.

If these are a little too flowery for you, how about Elisha? Julia? Lydia? I also really can get involved with a Jonah and Lydia show. Incidentally, I mistyped Jonah just now and wrote “Johan” so if you’re interested, there’s a fun twist. Johan and Elisha?

I cannot restrain myself from pitching Jemima. I know there are places and people for whom it’s always going to be loaded, but I wonder if that’s always going to be the case. If there were ever any opportunity for it to be revived, I’d say it should be by someone who loved it – could it fit here? Noah and Jemima? 

If none of these are for you, how about Lucy or Willa or, honestly, truly, Rhoda, which keeps announcing itself to me – or Sarai? Is anything feeling right here?  Mostly I think you want to stay away from anything too rhymey or samey. Noah and Mara might feel a little close, just like Jonah and Nora might be a little too tight.   Ooh, what about Camille? This is one that really should be brought back to the younger generation and what if you had two girls? Willa and Camille? Maybe?

Let me know, OK? Especially since the sexes are still a mystery!

(Lainey: Rachel is a Bible name! And attached – the Holy Twins, Vivienne and Knox.)