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Baby #2 is on the way and my husband and I just can’t agree on a name.  We’re having a baby girl and already have a daughter named London Nicole. The last name will be hyphenated and we would love a name with the same feel as London without getting to frilly (no Annabelles, Charlottes or other ‘Disney Princess sounding names’)

His picks:
1.    Grey
2.    Zoe
3.    Taylor
4.    Ella

My Picks:
1.    Bailey
2.    Lola

Now I think Bailey Grey sounds great but he wants Grey to sit first. My problem with Grey is that, to me, it doesn’t sound like a standalone name. It feels like it needs to be part of either a longer name or the second part of a name (Ella Grey…Bailey Grey).  Also, is it a bit too…grey? Does it match without totally matching London?

I’ve been checking out Nameberry and other baby naming sites and just can’t find anything that suits our fancy.

Please help!

(Baby is due June 18th)


Okay. So here’s what’s interesting about this. London is an increasingly popular name right now. Grey is a well-used name, and on principle, no, I don’t think it’s too Grey – that is, out of context. Both are evocative of lots of admirable things and there’s a reason they are beloved. But together – maybe it’s just me, looking out on the remnants of an absolutely torrential storm this morning – together, they make me think of a paint colour. “London Grey.” I can see it at Benjamin Moore. I don’t think that’s what you want, though.

So with that in mind, I think the idea to match London is something somewhat familiar, somewhat unexpected, and, as you say, nothing ‘Disney Princess’. These are the situations where I always pull out Greer. I really want to see it happen someday.  Greer and London makes sense to me, although it may not feel as pretty to you as the original choice. If it’s not the one, what about something like Marlowe? It’s gaining in popularity of late, but it doesn’t sound popular, it sounds charming.   London and Marlowe are similar, but not identical, and I can totally buy them as a pair. 

I think it’s this same last-name sentiment that’s sending you toward Bailey, but something about Bailey feels Southern to me, and not as feminine to boot. Let’s assume it’s a Party Of Five hangover, but if you do wants some alternatives, how about Bethan or Ainsley or even Tierney?

Of the more traditional first-name choices you’ve listed, Zoe seems the most right to me – Ella and Lola feel, whether you mean them to or not, to be ‘frilly’ and traditionally feminine. But along the Zoe tip, how about Pilar or Zara or Malin or Briony?

You have a fun task, actually, and I hope I made it a little bit easier. Let me know where you wind up!

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