I know – not so long since the last one and I’m delighted too. I don’t know if summer people just have more daylight hours, so the updates come in sooner – no judgment, but we love getting them!

Here’s the update for A Four-Letter Word

Hi there,

Thank you so much for responding to our name conundrum...and by "our" I mean the over involved aunt offering unsolicited advice to her sister and brother-in-law.

I live far away from my sister with a 7 hour time difference so I'm not sure she appreciated my early morning wake-up call when I saw the post, but we were both laughing at the end because you mentioned Ruth and my 4 year-old nephew, Otto, has been leading a long and diligent campaign for Ruth.

In the end, my sister and her husband chose Ruby and she was born last week and is healthy and adorable and almost as big as a 3 month-old.

Thanks again!


An update that made me both laugh and smile from the writer of Suddenly Stalled… (PS Cute baby, already badass) 

Hello Duana,

I loved your response and it really helped me pick out some great names. Thatcher was at the top of the list, so was Kidd (my dog Poodle is a Poodle - I'm weird I know) however in the midst of a terrible labor "Keating" flew into my mind, fast forward to much drama, an emergency c-section and an enormous, healthy little boy meeting me for the first time I would like to introduce you to Keating Resolute Langley S****e 9lb 13oz. And yep, he might be flipping the bird to the world....

Thanks for your help!



Finally, here’s an update from What Do You Do With An UnNamed Baby?          

I appreciate that my own nerdism and references were appreciated, and that I once again have the opportunity to get this sea shanty – which I could swear they taught us in school, which now seems inappropriate – into your heads:

Dear Duana,

Thank you so much for your quick reply! We also found in favour of Maisie, I think it suited her better and your reassurances were much appreciated. I also figured that if Maisie was too Bohemian for her chosen profession, she could always fall back on her middle name.

We loved your suggestions - actually, we had already considered many of them earlier in the process. And, I will admit, almost veered of course entirely for Malia.

Two references in your article we really appreciated were the nod to Amelia Bedelia, in which memories of the maid played a part in my fondness for the name. As well, the reference to Lazy Lousy Lizzie Jane which had at one point helped knock out one of our other shortlisted names. And for the record, Maisie turned a corner and is anything but lazy. The threat to name her Amelia seemed to do the trick.  :)

In the end, Amelia was always a top contender but I think that if it was really going to be her name, why did I keep searching for something better for all those months? I think in my deep unconscious I knew it wasn't quite right.  The name Maisie came late in the game. And although packed with meaning that only I and maybe a few family members will only appreciate, I'm glad to incorporate some of my family's heritage in the name.

I waited a while to write back because I was waiting for her grandparents to give her a Chinese name to share with you. However, I fear that it's going to be a while. Figuring out her English name was hard, but the Chinese naming process is downright painful.

Thank you to yourself and Lainey for the input!


Keep them coming! Have more babies! Please include all the stories of the near misses and who you yelled at before you finally landed on the names…