Duana Names: Hepburn or Hart ?

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Hi Duana.

We are expecting our third this summer and we were excited to find out a girl will be joining our two boys.

We are pretty traditional when it comes to names. The boys are Charles (Charlie) and Henry so as you can see we aren't really pushing the envelope. Both boys' names are family names, which I love.

I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on a name for this baby girl. I don't have any family names that I love besides Ella, but I'm afraid that is becoming overused. The other names on my short list are Claire and Emily, but neither is totally rocking my world.

There is one name that I love, but my husband and my mom both do not care for it: Sabrina. Does it not "go" with her brothers names? Will she constantly be called The Teenage Witch? I need someone to be brutally honest with me about this name so I can give it up for good or wear my husband down until he gives in.

I really like using family last names for middle names so her middle name would most likely be Scott or Ferguson.

Our last name is short - one syllable - and kind of a hard sound if that helps.

Thanks! I look forward to your input!



Hi Caroline.

Okay, so yeah . Charlie and Henry are awesome and yet nobody’s going to argue that they broke the originality bank. Sorry. You know though, right?

So here’s the thing with Sabrina. It’s not being used right now.

I know a Sabrina who’s about 28, and one who’s closer to 38. That’s in my personal circle. I haven’t heard of a 10 year old or a 1 year old Sabrina so you can use it with that luxury. However, it is not as common as your boys’ names. So if the commemorative bike license plate people are keeping up with name trends, they might have Charlie and Henry but not Sabrina. If you think this is a big deal.

And I have to say that the name is old-fashioned, as evidenced by my title above (you know, because Hepburn played Sabrina and so did Melissa Joan Hart, and Melissa’s was created in the 50s…whatever, you try naming all these. I want to have at least a little mystery in the title.) So if you are one of those people who moaned that your name was old-fashioned and that really made you crazy, then maybe think again about this one. But, the flip side of that is no kids know the name’s heritage, so nobody’s calling her a teenage witch. If adults do, they are very clearly bored and need to be given a task to do.

And yes, Ella is wayyyy beyond beginning to be overused. Ella’s done. I’m calling it.  Step away from the name.

I don’t know what else is on your family tree, but if you’re feeling anxious about it, take another look at Mary. I bet you have a Mary in there somewhere.  

And I love the middle names. Let me know!

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