I need name help and like yesterday. We are expecting a girl in the next month and this will be our second girl. Our first is Caroline. This was a no brainer for us we pretty much agreed on the car ride home from the ultrasound. Now here we are again and we cant come up with something we both love. Also as a FYI our last name is a girl's name starts with "s" ends with "y".

One of the names we do like is Charlotte the big draw back for me is we live within driving distance of the city Charlotte and when combined with our daughters name. Well it seems a little silly to me. My husband says it doesn't bother him at all.

We thought about Violet. But with my husbands thick souther accent it sounds more like "violent" and combined with our girl last name well now we can't stop laughing how she's this like this evil genius. So that's out.
We've also tossed around Angelica, Alice, and Phoebe. But just haven't fallen in love.

I should also note my husband and I have hardcore 80's names so we don't want to be too trendy and we would like to stay in the neighborhood of traditional.

Should we stick with Charlotte? Or go with something else? This baby is coming soon and may end up being called hey you.


Okay, this is one of those ones you can print out at your leisure and use when necessary.   You’re right.   Your husband is wrong.  

It’s not that it’s not a beautiful name. It is. Charlotte. And it has a lovely southern lilt and all. But first of all, yeah, she’s going to be subjected to years of “Charlotte? Well I’ll just run you on over there” and then she’ll quickly grow tired of giggling and even smiling, and will react to this kind of comment with a patient-ish sigh, and then be the kind of girl where people say “You’d be so pretty if you would just smile” and she gives them a sarcastic smile and then logs onto whatever will be the counterculture teen outlet at that time, a la Sassy/Rookie/etc.  to find relief from the nerds who cannot stop insisting Charlotte=Charlotte is the cutest thing they’ve ever heard.

Okay, I know. Imagination running wild and all. But you have some of the same concerns or you wouldn’t have written. The other thing about Charlotte is that it is very popular. It’s at number 11 in the US, so you can bet on at least one other in any given class.

I so appreciate you including other names that you’ve considered and rejected though because it really gives me an idea of where we’re going. Delicate and not un-southern, but not immediately pinned down as a steel magnolia. No Eulalia.

So I am compelled to suggest Cecily. Caroline and Cecily, sisters. They fit but they’re not so matchy, they’re similar in tone but not usually in the same place. I feel this for you.  

If not, what about Eliza? I know the inclination is to go with Elizabeth always, but Eliza feels lighter and more exciting. It’s the “I” sound, the same one that makes Caroline so different from the inferior Carolyn. 

Are you inclined to choose Mallory at all? I know, I know, it has not-great pop culture associations. But it’s a great grown-up-on-a-little girl name that will be all her own.

Adelaide? More common in hipster circles these days but really makes a nice pair with Caroline. Beatrice? Another gorgeous name that’s just waiting to have its first pop-culture imprint. If Violet doesn’t quite translate in your husband’s drawl, why not lean into it with Vivian? Or Louisa, who seems like a woman with a mind of her own?  

If you want a place name really badly (I know you don’t, but someone reading might) how about Odessa? Okay, okay. Reeling back – how about Fiona? It’s one of those names that gains in popularity but still sounds utterly zippy and strong each time you hear it.  

Let me know if I’m close. I’m not opposed to doing a speed round while you’re hanging out in the delivery room!