Hi Duana,

My husband and I have one son, Rio, which was always my dream name and he was kind enough to let me have it. But now we want something that goes along with that for our upcoming daughter and are having a hard time coming up with anything. Like, at all. She is due in about a month, so we would love your input! Our name is two syllables and ends in an 'ee' sound, for reference.  I hate cutesy and super trendy. He would like something a little more girly since our son's name is a bit ambiguous. Please help!  Thanks!


Well I immediately think of this as a musical request. I know it’s not, even though I cannot and will not be dissuaded from one chorus of “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…just like that river twisting through a dusty land”. Sorry about that, especially if it leads to your husband’s thinking that Rio is ambiguous. But even with that out of my system, I still think of Rio on “Jem” – all male, by the way, he may have been my first crush -  and when is that movie coming and is it going to have awesome music or not??

Finally. Your daughter. I feel like almost everything goes with Rio, in a way, so there are lots of options. I do feel a little bit maybe Shakespearean about the whole thing somehow, so what about Jessamine?  Clementine? Genevieve even?

If those feel a touch fussy or frilly, how about Iona? Tierney? Cora? Esme? Talia? Ingrid? Aisling?

No? Still too out there or cutesy? How about bringing it home with Milla? Eliza? Britta?  Cecile?

This was unexpectedly fun. Please keep me posted!