Hi Duana,
My sister and her husband are currently expecting their third child just after Christmas, and she's feeling stuck coming up with a name for this little boy.  I feel partly responsible -- a couple of months ago I pointed out that between all of their first names and last name, they were only missing a name that starts with the letter D (Adam & Caitlin, big brother Foster, little sister Elsie, and their last name starts with a B) in order to use all of the first six letters of the alphabet. This fixation spun into some interesting names, the front runner being Dashell (Dash for short)... which made me think of reindeer or The Incredibles or that family that can't be mentioned on this website. Now it seems that they aren't as sold on that name, but she's having trouble thinking of other names that they'll both love.
As you can tell, they like names that are not super traditional. Foster is a family name (last name turned first name) and Elsie is a name they just fell in love with. I think she's not feeling as pressured to stick with the letter "D" at this point, but she could still use some inspiration. Any insight you have is much appreciated!


I knew a family like this – had a girl with a D name, and then an A and then a C, and then figured they’d better go with B for the fourth child. I mean, it’s cute. It’s something only you and your family know about, and it’s not super obvious, especially in your sister’s case since they started with E and F.

So, unusual D names. The first thing I thought of is kind of a cheat but I love it yesterday – how about D’Artagnan? (                           ) I’m just leaving space there for Lainey to yell? It’s unusual, it’s got kind of fanciful origins, and you can call him Dart. No?

My cousin is Darragh, and it packs a surprising amount of punch. Calling your (sister’s) baby Deacon will absolutely get comparisons to Reese Witherspoon, but how about Dean? Still so rare on little boys and nice for a man to grow up into.

Also, Delaney, though lovely, is pretty solidly a girls’ name now. But Delano? Or (for the second time in a week) Dmitri? If they want to go a lot more wacky or cute, how about Digby to go with Foster and Elsie? I could get down with Digby.  

A lot of D names are surname-y. Draper. Dodson. But an underused first name (and I know what you’re going to say) is Drake. Yes, there’s a Canadian rapper by that name but one of the reasons he’s so successful is because the name Drake is somewhat underused, so he’s definitely the only one. This would fit so beautifully in your family and imagine having a little baby Drake for your nephew?

There are actually many more, because D is an underused letter. Dexter, or Desi, or Darius – God, I love Darius – or Diego, which I think should absolutely be the new crossover name that was exotic but deserves to be more mainstream. And many more – shout out if you remember ‘Deke’, from Deke Wilson’s mini-mysteries.  Anyone?

Mostly, you can’t go wrong. Don’t let them go with Declan and you’re on your way!